Open for Business

Open for Business

Back in December 2015, the Ullswater Valley was hit by Storm Desmond and was one of the most devastated places in the UK. A record 13 inches of rain fell in just 24 hours and the area was severely flooded. Many places were cut off and countless homes and businesses affected. Locals and visitors alike were astounded that the famous Pooley Bridge, which was erected in 1764, was washed away as a result of the high water levels and left many people cut off.

However, the #SpiritofCumbria kept everyone going. The whole community has pulled together to ensure that people had food and shelter and that businesses could get back up and running.

We are proud to report that a replacement bridge has been put in place in Pooley Bridge that will connect both sides of Ullswater again. The local council hopes that this will be up and running by Easter.

So, if you’ve been thinking of visiting the Lake District and were worried about the affect of the floods and have heard about Pooley Bridge falling down, then fear not, Ullswater is ‘Open for Business’. There are numerous places to stay and things to do – you’d never even know we had such awful weather a few months ago. The lambs are already jumping around in the fields and Wordworth’s famous daffodils are starting to bloom, so we’re hoping that by Easter we will have lovely weather for you too!

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