The Dinosaurs are here!

The Dinosaurs are here!

Jaw dropping National History Museum Dinosaur Encounter exhibition arrives at Rheged for major Summer exhibition 12 July – 3 September


A 4 metre high and 7 metre wide Tyrannosaurus Rex has arrived at the Rheged Centre, Penrith, ready to welcome visitors to a jaw-dropping dinosaur exhibition, which opens on 12thJuly 2017, fresh from London’s National History Museum.


The beast is part of Rheged’s latest show-stopping exhibition, Dinosaur Encounter, which invites intrepid explorers on a dinosaur safari to encounter dinosaurs including a short-legged Ankylosaurus, Baryonyx, and Ornithomimus. They will be invading Rheged until Sunday 3rdSeptember, 2017.


Dinosaur Encounter features state of the art animatronics, so each dinosaur model moves realistically, as well as sound effects that will transport you back millions of years in time. There are 10 dinosaur models, as well as a collection of replica skulls and claws to bring the dinosaurs to life. Families are invited to study replicas of ancient fossils taken from the Natural History Museum’s Archives, compare their feet to the footprint of a T-Rex and examine replica skulls which you can touch and feel.


The interactive exhibition will also feature art workshops, where families can take rubbings from replica fossils and marvel at 3D printing technology – recreating ancient fossils that have been scanned and shared from museums around the world. The Rheged Centre, which also features a huge cinema screen (the size of six double decker buses), will also be offering visitors the chance to enjoy the BBC Earth film ‘Walking with Dinosaurs: Prehistoric Planet’ which is narrated by Benedict Cumberbatch.


Claire Logan Stevens, Head of Programming for the Rheged Centre said “This is a first for Cumbria and the furthest north in the British Isles that the Dinosaur Encounter exhibition has ever been on display – so we are really honoured to have this prestigious Natural History Museum exhibition at Rheged. Dinosaurs capture the imagination of children and adults alike and we know this exhibition is going to inspire and amaze our visitors in equal measure.”


“Unlike other Dinosaur exhibitions where the models are just impressive, the in house science team at the Natural History Museum have the responsibility to represent the Dinosaurs of the Cretaceous period in the most accurate way possible so the Dinosaurs are impressive, attractive and accurate.”


The exhibition is open daily from Wednesday 12th July – Sunday 3rd September, 2017. Doors open at 9.15am (early entry ticket) and close at 5.00pm. Booking in advance is essential to ensure you don’t miss out. Tickets can be booked online at


Ticket Prices 

Exhibition only

£6.50 Adult | £5.50 conc. | £5 (16 and under) | 2 and under go free | Timed exhibition entry daily from 10.45am | Includes a free outdoor play session on that day

Exhibition & Film

£10 adults | £8 conc. | £7 (16 and under) | 2 and under go free | Timed exhibition entry daily from 10.45am Includes cinema screening of the BBC Earth film ‘Walking with Dinosaurs: Prehistoric Planet’ (40 mins)

Early entry ticket

£5.50 Adult | £4.50 conc. | £4 (16 and under) | 2 and under go free | Timed exhibition entry daily at 9.15am – 10.45am only.



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