Canoeing on Ullswater

Canoeing on Ullswater

Ullswater has a lot to offer to outdoorsy types; from watersports to MTB riding and hiking. If you aren’t sporty or fancy a lazy day, you can opt for a steamer ride – from these boats you can see much more of the Lakeland landscape.

I visited Ullswater on a sunny Saturday in July with my boyfriend. We hired a beautiful Canadian canoe in Glenridding, at the Southern end of the lake.

We started paddling North and exploring the islands and shores. There are a few tiny islands in the middle of the lake that are easy to reach by canoe. We stopped to explore a couple; a lovely way to rest our arms. We had these little bits of land all to ourselves.

We then made our way over to the shore, as the wind was picking up, making paddling harder. There, protected from the gusts, we could enjoy the scenery, gently paddling on the dark still waters.

The lush vegetation on the shores made for a gorgeous sight. The Scots pines added a touch of wilderness to the landscape, and for a moment I felt like I was on a Scottish loch. I looked at the sky as if expecting to see a white tailed eagle.

Unfortunately, there are no white tailed eagles in the Lake District. However, there is a small active population of ospreys, who have been visiting the region for the past 15 years. They nest and fish near Bassenthwaite Lake, just an hour away from Ullswater, each summer.

We landed on a few different beaches. Our favorite stop was on Purse Point, a peninsula on the Eastern side of the lake, where we explored the wood on the headland and took some pictures. This was the place that made us think of Scotland the most.

It was a great day.

We’ll definitely be going back to Ullswater for some canoeing and maybe a little horse riding.

Elena Manighetti is a blogger passionate about the outdoors, wildlife, healthy living and climbing. She runs The Healthy Veggie (, a blog of her outdoor adventures and wholesome vegetarian recipes.

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