Be part of Pooley ‘New’ Bridge for posterity

Be part of Pooley ‘New’ Bridge for posterity

As work progresses apace on Pooley ‘New’ Bridge, a lovely new initiative is poised for launch: members of the public can ‘buy’ part of Pooley ‘New’ Bridge for posterity in the form of an engraved stone paver.

On Saturday 2 November at 4pm, 232 stone pavers will go on sale on Each will be engraved with a family name or business name (a maximum of 13 characters including spaces) and laid on the pavements either side of the new road bridge.

The engraved pavers are priced at £275 each and will be available on a first come first served basis. All monies raised after costs will go towards creating a community fund to support Pooley Bridge village initiatives and enhance community life. It’s hoped that that figure may be in excess of £40,000!

Paver project co-ordinators, Mark Vause and Sam Bunting commented: “This is such a wonderful opportunity and one which we hope local residents, businesses and Pooley Bridge lovers both near and far will take advantage of. Not only is it a great way to help embed the story of the new bridge in our community history, but the pavers also make a really special Christmas gift and something that can be visited by generations of families in years to come.”

Construction of Pooley ‘New’ Bridge is now underway, with works due to be finished late Spring 2020. In the meantime, Pooley Bridge is very much open for business and with a temporary footbridge now linking both sides of the valley plus a temporary car park on the Ullswater Steamers’ side of the village, businesses and locals are looking forward to ‘business as usual’.
However, in true entrepreneurial spirit, they have worked closely with the Pooley ‘New’ Bridge project team to create a raft of inventive ways of encouraging people to visit the village over the next six months. For more information on all the events, news and developments, visit

The stone pavers go on sale online at on Saturday 2 November at 4pm.

Terms and conditions

  • Engravings can be a maximum of 13 characters including spaces and punctuation
  • We reserve the right to refuse inappropriate engravings
  • No logos or emojis
  • We cannot guarantee where your paver will be laid on the bridge
  • Pooley Bridge remains an asset of Cumbria County Council – you are purchasing the right to an engraving on one paver
  • We must sell a minimum number of pavers in order to proceed with the project. Should we fail to do so, we reserve the right to cancel your order and refund your monies in full.

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